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Translational research is often known as translational medicine or translation science. The main aim of translational science to combine disciplines, resources, expertise and techniques to promote inflation in prevention, diagnosis and therapies. Translation research is categorized into four translation blocks namely T1, T2, T3 and T4. T1is referred to Bench to Bedside research translates promising laboratory and “pre-clinical” findings into the care of patients that demonstrates potential strategies for diagnosis, treatment and prevention. T2 is referred from Bedside to Clinical Practice research translate health application in humans, clinical trials, appropriate treatments and test clinical trials.T3 is referred from clinical practice to widespread clinical practice and care delivery. The need to understand treatment, diagnostics tests or health strategies applicable to the wide span of usual clinical care in practice.T4 is referred from health care delivery to community, public health and public policy. The research translates effective health care delivery into improved community and population health, new health policies and outcomes of research.


Kenkyu Journals


Advances in Pharmacology and Therapeutic Medicine    

Bioinformatics & Medical Sciences Open Access

Clinical Case Reports, Research & Trials

Current Research in Cancer

Current Research in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

Dermatology & Pigmentation Disorders

Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolic Disorders Open Access

Frontiers in Journal of Biochemistry & Biological Sciences

Integrative Cardiology Open access

Journal of Agricultural & Crop Sciences: Open Access

Journal of Dental & Oral Health

Journal of Neuropsychology & Stress Management

Kenkyu Journal of AIDS & Clinical Trials

Kenkyu Journal of Epidemiology & Community Medicine

Kenkyu Journal of Gastroenterology

Kenkyu Journal of Medical Science & Clinical Research

Kenkyu Journal of Nanotechnology &Nanoscience

Kenkyu Journal of Pharmacology

Kenkyu Journal of Pharmacy Practice & Health Care

Molecular Medicine Open Access

Nutrition & Energy Balance

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Open Access

Radiology and Imaging: Open Access

Surgery Open Access


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Kenkyu Publishing Group is an independent open-access scientific publishing group. The main aim of Kenkyu Publishing Group is to provide a 'peer reviewed' platform to outstanding researchers and scientists to publish their research in an open-access Platform. Kenkyu Publishing Group encourages the researches in all fields of Medical, Life science, Clinical, and Engineering.


Kenkyu publishes journals across a wide subject area; you can find out the perfect home for projecting your research. All our Kenkyu journals are online open access journals, we allows scientists, students and research people from all across the world to not only read but also download and share the available content without paying any charges immediately after publication.  There is no legal restriction for reuse and copy the content which is available in journals on a one condition; you must cite the corresponding author of the article and source of data in clear way.


Kenkyu publishes original Research, Analyses, Reviews, News, Practice updates, Opinions, Conference Proceedings and thought-provoking editorials. All the articles published by Kenkyu Publishing Group are made freely accessible online immediately upon publication.


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