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Significance of Chinese Traditional Medicine
  • Hamid S ,

    Hamid S Department of Life sciences, University of Wolverhampton, UK E-mail: hamid@gmail.com

  • Jhansi V ,

    Department of Biochemistry, Dr. L.B. College, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India

  • Satyam S ,

    Department of Human Genetics, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India

Received: 05-02-2017

Accepted: 02-04-2017

Published: 10-04-2017

Citation: Hamid S, Jhansi V, Satyam S (2017) Significance of Chinese Traditional Medicine J Eped Comed 3: 1-2(2017)

Copyrights: © 2018 Hamid S, et al


In this review, Significance of Chinese Traditional Medicine history and importance were discussed. Tools and methods in the therapy were acknowledged. By Chinese Traditional Medicine therapy treatment using herbal products, we can insert the energy into meridians and muscles which increase the person’s life force.


Keywords: Chinese Traditional medicine; Diagnosis; Treatment; Drug discovery


Natural products like plant herbs, fruits and flowers are been using for the alternative treatment in the Chinese traditional medicine. Traditional medicine practitioners have been using these products as antigenic agents for the treatment. Now days by using Chinese traditional medicine, many diseases are treating with unique advantages and unremarkable effects. By using some Chinese herbs pancreas, stomach and intestine related diseases can be treated [1-2].


Chinese traditional medicine is one of the recognized natural medicines classified by world health organization. It can be treated for many diseases. Chinese traditional medicine consists of natural plant herbs, herbal products and also may contain non-plant substances [3]. Chinese traditional medicine is a concept of Qi which means vital energy. Qi acts as energy carrier during Acupuncture. Chinese traditional medicine treatment primarily focuses on entire system and then it corrects the pathological changes of the organ [4]. Chinese traditional medicine has been using more than 2000 years and becoming popular in recent years across the world. It is a unique therapy to diagnose and cure the diseases. Herbal medicine products are using in drug discovery, dietary and functional food elements [4].


Tools in diagnosis

The theory of five elements i.e. wood, fire, earth, metal and water was used to interrupt the relation between pathology and physiology of human body. Some organs and tissues in the body are having similar properties with these five elements as those five elements interact pathologically and physiologically. These five elements promote each other as wood promotes fire, fire promotes earth, earth promotes metal, metal promotes water and water promotes and generates wood. This circle is endless [5].


For diagnosis of diseases there are some tools essential for the treatment. They are diagnosis energy, Chinese pharmacology, acupuncture, and cupping [6].


Diagnosis energy

In this part, diagnostic points will be examined example: eyes, tongue, wrest and skin


Chinese pharmacology

In this part plants, animals and minerals products are applicable in different ways



Introducing thin needles into specific points of the body where the energy can be flows. It is generally considered as safety treatment when it was performed by experienced practitioner. The practice of acupuncture therapy is based on meridians theory. Through meridians, energy and blood circulates in the body.


Herbal Therapy

Herbal medicine along with the acupuncture is a main pillar of traditional Chinese medicine. Medicinal herbs show effect on enhancing and activating metabolism of the body.



Applying cups on the patients skin after air insertion.



Unique applications are there for diagnosis and treatment. By using traditional Chinese medicine treatment, we not only prevent the diseases but also pay attention to the health care. Treatment will be done without using any drug. Many incurable, chronic and geriatric diseases can be treated. traditional Chinese medicine is safe, simple and inexpensive [7].


There will be no side effects in the treatment as in the western medicine, some diseases may occur because of antibiotic reactions. By TCM treatment, a person’s energy (life force) can be increased and also energy can be easily moved into meridians and muscle0073.


There are more benefits by using Chinese traditional medicine therapies as discussed in the advantages part. Still, some implementation is needed in the treatment methodology.


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