Advances in Investigational pharmacology and therapeutic medicine
Zizi Abdeen PhD


Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute


Journal Short Name-APTM


She is a researcher Professor in polymer lab. Petrochemicals dep., Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute.She completed her PhD & M.Sc. degrees in Polymer Chemistry from Ain Shams University, (Egypt), where she also completed her B.Sc., Degree in Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Cairo University, (Egypt).  She main stream research is at the frontier of materials/polymer science and emerging fields such as nanotechnology/nanocomposites. She has a keen interest in the development of intelligent materials based on bio resources such as chitosan and starch through chemical modification and advanced biotechnology processes. She is author of over 31 articles on polymers, biomaterials, hydrogels and nano composites systems and reviewer of over 15 International journals and a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of Polymers and Biomaterials in different International journals. She was sharing as technical committee in more than ten international conferences. 

Reasearch Interest

Development of Nano-Microgels ,Targeted oily water treatment and reused, Chitosan and its applications in petroleum field ,Polymer nanosystems - Metal nanoparticles- Hydrogels, Synthesis of metal nanocomposites polymers (Green Synthesis) ,Petroleum field systems using nano-Hydrogel systems etc.


Email :  [email protected]

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