Advances in Investigational pharmacology and therapeutic medicine
Antonello NICOLINI

Pulmonolgy at Physiotherapy and Physical Medicine

University of Genoa


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Dr Nicolini received  Medical degree from University of Genoa.He is board certified in pulmonary  diseases

and  respiratory pathophysiology and rehabilitation.

He is currently Director of  Respiratory Diseases Unit ,Hospital of Sestri Levante – Italy  , and     

Professor of Pulmonolgy at  Physiotherapy  and Physical  Medicine  , University of Genoa.

Dr Nicolini is currently Secretary of Study group of Intensive Care of italian Society of Pulmonology (ISP).

He is author of over 100 peer reviewed articles and several book-chapters. He is a reviewer for multiple

International  journal in the fiels of respiratory diseases

Reasearch Interest

Respiratory Diseases, Pulmonology,

Email :  [email protected]

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