Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolic Disorders Open Access ISSN : 2456-3765
Karthikeyan Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Analysis

The Oxford College of Pharmacy


Journal Short Name - DOMDOA


I am extremely very delighted to be a part of the teaching profession and I look forward to have teaching as my career. I strongly trust that, this noble profession bids me a potential opportunity to impart my knowledge to my students and giving absolute job satisfaction in making students enlightening on the specific subject. I have faith in learning, which is a never-ending process so that the deep in thought interactions with students will tender an occasion to modernize my knowledge on contemporary happenings in the profession. I would like to develop and teach Bio-Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis. I would enjoy the opportunity to teach an undergraduate or graduate course in the above-mentioned subjects.

Reasearch Interest

Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Analysis - Synthesis and biological evaluation of drug molecules for the treatment various therapeutic area like metabolic diseases, infectious disease and neuronal diseases.

Email :  karthikeyanelumalai@hotmail.com

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