Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolic Disorders Open Access ISSN : 2456-3765
Besher Gharaibeh

Faculty of Nursing

Jordan University of Science & Technology


Journal Short Name - DOMDOA


Besher Gharaibeh, REN, PhD, CNS earned his Bachelor degree in Nursing from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). Dr Gharaibeh earned his master degree from the same university in the Adult Acute Nursing Program (CNS) . He was a distinguished student in both levels (BSN and Masters). Dr Gharaibeh was then employed by Jordan University of Science and Technology as a full time lecturer and worked in that position for about three years after which he got an admission to the PhD program in University of Kansas Medical Center and a scholarship from JUST. In 2012 he was employed as an Assistant Professor for JUST. Dr. Gharaibeh currently has about a five-year experience as a professor at JUST and held administrative positions that included Assistant of Dean and Chairperson of the Adult Health Nursing Department. His research activities are focused at adult health nursing and have many publications in that field.  

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