Clinical Case Reports, Research & Trials ISSN : 2581-6756
Kedong Song

Dalian R&D Centre for Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering

Dalian University of Technology


Journal Short Name - CCRRT


Current Research Activities 


Tissue engineering 

Stem cells expansion in bioreactors: To proliferate stem cells ex vivo in large scale in novel bioreactors with suitable culture conditions


Bioreactor technology for tissue culture: To develop tissue culture reactors for the production of engineered tissues with ensured uniformity of nutrients and oxygen. 


Nerve regeneration enhancement by electric and/or chemical stimulation: To enhance nerve regeneration and restore nerve function with electric stimulation and suitable chemical agents or pharmaceutics. 




Suitable biomaterial scaffolds for engineered bone and cartilage: cell-biomaterial interactions; articular cartilage, bone, neural/nerve tissue engineering; smart/instructive biomaterials (i.e. inductive, intellective and gradient materials/architectures, growth factor/drug release); engineered porous scaffold architectures; biodegradation and mechanical function with respect to tissue integration; in vitro/in vivo models using committed, progenitor and stem cells.

Reasearch Interest

Preparation and tissue fabrication of novel biomedical materials; 

Novel bioreactor technology and its application; 

Control of expansion and differentiation of stem cells; 

Construction, numerical simulation and optimization of dynamic culture systems; 

Regulation of active component of traditional Chinese medicine on proliferation and differentiation of stem cells;

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