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Ankur Girdhar MD, FCCP

Department of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

Peninsula Regional Medical Center


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I am currently working as a pulmonologist at Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) in Salisbury, MD. This is a not for profit hospital catering to the medically needy population of the country.Apart from providing the full spectrum of pulmonary and sleep medicine consultative services, I have been able to bring advanced bronchoscopic procedures and pulmonary hypertension services to this hospital. This has led to the development of a large referral base with the provision of highly specialized pulmonary therapies to the rural areas of the country.Patients have been pleased to find these tertiary care services closer to home.I am also working in the outreach clinics in rural communities to both provide general pulmonary medicine services as well as spread the knowledge about pulmonary hypertension. Over the last two years, have strived to establish a team of specialists including the cardiologist, rheumatologists, pulmonary rehabilitation, RNs etc. to provide a comprehensive pulmonary hypertension services in the area. With advanced bronchoscopic and pleural procedures, I am supporting the implementation of lung cancer screening and working of the thoracic oncology program. In addition, I am working in the ICU attached to the regions only level three-trauma center. I have been actively improving the multidisciplinary ICU by the formulation of treatment protocols based on current guidelines. I am the physician representative from PRMC for organ procurement organization of Maryland. I had similar work experience in India where I was involved in building a team to implement directly observed therapy program to tuberculosis-afflicted population. I also worked for three years in the general respiratory clinic and medical ICU in New Delhi, India.

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​Pulmonary, Sleep Medicine

Publications (Articles and Abstracts):


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Email :  Ankur.Girdhar@peninsula.org; ankurgirdhar@yahoo.com

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