Clinical Case Reports, Research & Trials ISSN : 2581-6756
Lucia Monti

Neuroimaging and Neuro-interventional

University of Siena


Journal Short Name - CCRRT


  • June 8-12/ 1998:Institute of Bio-Engineering, Zurich, Switzerland; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: In-depth analysis of the physical and biochemical foundations, in order to optimize the clinical application of MR spectroscopy

  • September 1998 – present: Medical Assistant with highly specialized professional role, University of Siena General Hospital – Santa Maria Scotte, Siena (Italy)

  • Highly specialized healthcare company

  • 2009 – 2017: Taught Neuroradiology at the school of specialization in Medical Genetics and Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Siena.

  • Assistance and Research tasks in collaboration with regional, national and international interdisciplinary protocols.

Reasearch Interest

The research focuses on clinical and translational neuroimaging research within the fields of neurovascular disease and  cerebrospinal fluid disorders. Cerebrovascular disorders. Cerebral hemodynamics.

Other research interests are advanced imaging techniques in pediatric population, Cerebral Tendineous Xantomatosis. Supervisor of Scientific Secretariat of National Conferences and Conventions until 1998. Reviewer of International Imaging Papers. Planning and fulfilment of multi-disciplinarian Protocols of Research (with and without designated funding). Long-time scientific collaboration with: Department of Anthropology; University of Siena; Department of Anthropology, University of Marsiglia; Department of Pharmacology, University of Siena; Department of Neurology, Radboud University, Nijmegen Medical Center, Netherlands. Capacity to obtain funding for scientific and humanitarian Societies.




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