Clinical Case Reports, Research & Trials ISSN : 2581-6756
Mohammad Reza Hashemzadeh

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

ROYESH Stem Cell Biotechnology Institute


Journal Short Name - CCRRT


I inaugurated research studies on stem cells from 2005. Now, I am a head of ROYESH Stem Cell Biotechnology Institute in Mashhad, Iran. My research field and interest is stem cells and regenerative medicine especially in cardiovascular diseases. My recent study is the evaluation of TLRs during cardiomyocyte differentiation in order to optimization of regenerative medicine in cardiovascular diseases. Some of other topics that I have done as research in the past are: study of homing in neural stem cells and adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells, study of gene regulation in stem cells based on miRNAs and siRNA and identification of a new stem cell line in Rabbit namely blastema stem like cells.

Reasearch Interest

Human Stem Cell Culture (ESCs, ECs, BM-MSCs and Ad-MSCs), Animal Stem Cell Isolation and culture (r-BM-MSCs, r-Ad-MSCs, r-NSCs and Rabbit Blastema Cells (A new stem-like cell line in Rabbit)), Genetic Engineering and Cloning, Liposome Delivery, Molecular Biology: DNA and RNA purification, PCR, Reverse transcription PCR and Q-PCR, SDSPAGE and agarose gel electrophoresis, Knock out of mRNA expression by RNA interference (RNAi).




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