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Sayegh, Ayman Issa

Associate Dean for Research and Advanced Studies

Tuskegee University


Journal Short Name - CCRRT


Sayegh, Ayman Issa is Professor and Head, Department of Biomedical Sciences in Tuskegee University from 2014-Present

Reasearch Interest

The goal of my work is to localize the peripheral site(s) of action for gastrin releasing peptide (GRP) and cholecystokinin (CCK) that mediates reduction of meal size and prolongation of the intermeal interval by delivering the peptides into specific regions in the gastrointestinal tract through (1) utilizing a microsurgical, intra-arterial catheterization technique, (2) analyzing the min-to-min behaviors that lead to feeding to determine meal sizes, intermeal interval and satiety ratio, (3) using a BioDAQ feeding system to record and analyze the feeding behavior of the rats in a freely-fed, undisturbed environment. In addition, we use immunohistochemical detection of neuronal markers and various surgical techniques e.g. vagotomy, sympathectomy and myotomy / myectomy to determine the possible neuronal pathways by which these peptide reduce meal size and prolong the intermeal interval. The work is funded by the NIH and various pharmaceutical companies.




Email :  sayeghai[AT]mytu[DOT]tuskegee[DOT]edu

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