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Domenico Rubello

Director Department of Imaging Rovigo

General Hospital in Veneto


Journal Short Name - CCRRT


Dr. Domenico Rubello is Professor of Nuclear Medicine in Oncology and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) at the Post-graduate Radiotherapy and Oncology Medical School at Padova University and Nuclear Medicine in Radio-guided Surgery at the Post-graduate Surgery Medical School at Padova University. He is Head of the Nuclear Medicine Service, PET/CT Centre at Rovigo General Hospital in Veneto (Italy).He is Director of the Department of Imaging (Radiology, Medical Physics, Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT Centre) at Rovigo General Hospital in Veneto (Italy). He is/has been member of various scientific Societies (American Society of Nuclear Medicine-SNM, European Association of Nuclear Medicine-EANM, Italian Association of Nuclear Medicine-AIMN, Italian Study Group on Radioguided Surgery-GISCRIS and so forth). He has been Chair of the Parathyroid Study Group of the Italian Association of Nuclear Medicine-AIMN from 2000 to 2008. He is author of more than 1000 scientific papers, 349 of them cited in PubMed/MEDLINE (other 8 accepted full papers for publication will appear shortly in PubMed/MEDLINE) and 27 Textbooks or Chapters of Textbooks in Nuclear Medicine, Radio-guided surgery, PET and Oncology.

Reasearch Interest

Dr. Domenico Rubello research interest include: PET/CT experimental research in animals and in humans, Small animal PET, Nuclear medicine and radiology animal study (rat and monkey).


Email: domenico[DOT]rubello[AT]libero[DOT]it


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