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Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

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Tuan Anh Nguyen was born on February 13, 1971 in Hanoi, Vietnam. He received his BSc in Physics from Hanoi University in 1992, and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Paris Diderot University (France) in 2003. He was Visiting Scientist at Seoul National University (South Korea, 2004) and University of  Wollongong (Australia, 2005). He then worked as Postdoctoral Research Associate and Research Scientist in the Montana State University (USA), 2006-2009. In 2012, he was appointed as the Head of the Microanalysis Department at Institute for Tropical Technology (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology). His research activities include Smart coatings, Conducting polymers, Corrosion and protection of metals/concrete, Antibacterial materials and currently the Advanced nanomaterials. He is the author of more than 60 scientific publications, and  the editor of  3 Elsevier books in "Micro & Nano Technologies book series". He  has supervised 3 PhD, 5 MSc and 15 BSc students.

Reasearch Interest

  • Conducting polymers
  • Advanced nanomaterials
  • Hybrid nanoparticles
  • Antibacterial Materials
  •  Nanoscience and nanotechnology applied to corrosion and materials integrity in transportation systems
  • Corrosion and protection of metals and concrete

Email :  ntanh@itt.vast.vn

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