Advances in Investigational pharmacology and therapeutic medicine
Manash Kumar Paul

stem cell biology

University of California


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Dr. Manash Kumar Paul, currently working as Project Scientist at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He has contributed significantly in the field of stem cell biology, regenerative medicine and lung cancer. His research focused on various signaling process involved in maintaining stem cell homeostasis during injury and repair. Recently his group published, first in vitro method for the development of lung organoids mimicking lung from iPSCs. Dr. Paul has published in more than 17 peer reviewed international journals and his work has been highly cited. Dr. Paul is recipient of many awards that include prestigious UCLA Vice Chancellor’s award and was nominated for Paul Boyer’s award. Dr. Paul is a member of many scientific societies (ISSCR, AHA, ALA) and editorial member of many international journals.

Reasearch Interest

Stem cells, lung cancer, ipsc, regenerative biology, 3D printing, metabolism, cell signaling, high throughput drug screening.

Email :  paul_cancerbiotech@yahoo.co.in

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