Kenkyu Journal of Gastroenterology
Horacio L. Rodriguez Rilo

Diseases of the Pancreas

North Shore Jewish Long Island Health System


Journal Short Name - KJG


As director of the Center for Diseases of the Pancreas, I am responsible for the overall direction, development, and execution of center activities, which includes supervision of all scientific and technical staff. The focus of my work is on cellular transplantation with a specific focus on clinical islet transplantation for the treatment of type 1 diabetes and chronic pancreatitis. I have personally performed more than 300 clinical islet cell transplants for patients suffering from type 1 diabetes or to avert surgically induced diabetes following pancreatectomy, making my experience one of the most extensive in the world. My research focus is on the improvement of islet cell transplantation outcomes; I have more than two decades research experience in islet transplantation using small and large animal models and have performed more than 1,000 animal islet isolations Additionally, I have a track record of translating research from the bench to the bedside, which includes the development and management of a clinical islet FDA IND as PI as well as successfully taking three devices through the FDA process to obtain approval for clinical use.

Reasearch Interest

Diseases of the Pancreas, Cellular Transplantation

Email :  USAHRilo@northwell.edu

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