Journal of Neuropsychology & Stress Management
Emanuela Onofri

Department of Anatomy

Sapienza” University of Rome


Journal Short Name - JNSM


Education: Degree in Medicine and Surgery “Sapienza” University of Rome (1992) - Post-Graduate Degree in  Methods for the analysis of signals and biomedical images "Sapienza” University of Rome (1993) - PhD in Social medicine –Legal Medicine (2002) -  Degree in law University of Teramo (2006).


Career : postdoctoral research (“Sapienza” University of Rome) -enablement professional practice of medicine and surgery- enablement professional practice of dentist - enablement professional practice of acupuncturist - member of the Order of Doctors of Rome and Province - member of the Order of Dentists of Rome and Province - member of the Order of Acupuncturists of Rome and Province – NOHA (Network on Humanitarian Assistance ) competition winner - co-researcher in research project financed by ISPSEL, and co-researcher in inter disciplines research “Sapienza” University of Rome – from 1999 to present  contract professor in “Sapienza” University of Rome (degree course to nursing, Faculty  of Medicine and Pharmacy) - international award for innovation in medicine from Norman Academy.


Reasearch Interest

Cognition, deficits, deterioration, Alzheimer disease, social diseases and social phenomena of medical interest, protection of the health, medical – legal  aspects.  


Email :  emanuela.onofri@uniroma1.it

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