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Personal Views on Why Aesthetics
  • Elghblawi E

    Ebtisam Elghblawi, Dermatology department, Academia title for health professional, Libya, Tel: +218 9 2611 1310; E-mail: ebtisamya@yahoo.com

Received: 16-11-2016

Accepted: 30-11-2016

Published: 02-12-2016

Citation: Elghblawi E (2016) Personal Views on Why Aesthetics, Clin Cas Repo Rese & Trials 1: 24-26

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The skin is the biggest organ of the body and it’s the external protective coat for human beings, and dermatology covers broad diverse areas I will name them shortly. The clean bright skin represents a sign of beauty, sensual appeal and ultimate seduction.


The skin act as a defense mechanism for the body and can be compromised in many conditions, whether injuries or genetic issues.


Skin specialty can vary from basic dermatology to many more and it can encompass namely, infectious dermatology, HIV related dermatology, tropical dermatology, connective tissue and vascular dermatology, immunodermatology, allergology, occupational and environmental dermatology, sexual and genitourinary medicine, photodermatology, phototherapy, pediatric and geriatric dermatology, psychodermatology, dermatopathology, surgical and procedural dermatology, dermatoscopy, and trichoscopy, dermatooncology, pigmentatory dermatology and recently which booming powerfully, the aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology.


In the last few years, aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology surfaced on strongly and gained more popularity with recognition and became a new catchy trend for many physicians. It is about to harness


science, art and aesthetic. It deals and suits every skin concern, condition and needs, tailored accordingly to clients liking and modalities and in many instances a combination treatments can be given to achieve a significant appealing with lust outcomes.


Nowadays it is vital to feel confident, self assured and self content about the general looks. Face and beauty is always appealing for any condition and thus women mostly are looking and seeking for that transformation to keep perfect and youthful.


Over the recent years, demands for medical cosmetic procedures have growing by leaps and bounds, with an immense potential. It has been noticed that the number of patients who is receiving cosmetic has risen. The main reason that we are open to the external world, and many explored that numerous clients are copying celebrity experience and to emulate the appearance of their favorite idol. In fact, some of them would bring in a celebrity figure to copy it and have the same look at them and we know many examples already.


Now ladies and some men are taking multiple selfie to notice and spot any minor odds and imperfections on their faces and to compare to their peers in their mobile applications such as instagram and social medias.


Women and men nowadays- becoming more concerned, mindful and conscious, to look their best way - in the impossible quest with the possible available ways.


These days the perception of keeping youth and combating aging signs is an issue to many to challenge. It is advocated all around about the anti-aging and the attainable non surgical beautiful skin and face at the lunch break. Moreover, the presumption of the preventative Botox is taking a popular intake by many women including men to counteract wrinkles and define a square jaw at younger ages, and its number one on the cosmetics intake. Botox is however, well researched extensively and proven scientifically safe and effective. It has many applications, as to decline scalp sweating, front lines, hands, soles and armpits, under breasts and butt sweating as it works directly on the sweat gland and relax it. It also correct the fine line before developing on the face, and correct the droopy nose tip (nose ptosis), bunny lines, fix brow asymmetry, gummy smile, decline skin oiliness, and pores size, and the list keep goes on and on. Botox is simple with super impressive results. However some overdo it and end up like a doll. Whereas, some do need micro injections for fine line to leave it smooth and to combat its progressions and it has nothing to do with age as the general concept is. Botox is about relaxing muscles and not paralyzing them as some think. 


The second cosmetics intake was found to be the dermal filler. The general take is that all want to be with a contoured plumped cheeks, big pouty lips, and thick raised tattooed eyebrows. However many have advised about the subtle augmentation to keep the volume of the face appealing and pleasing. Conversely many go for the extreme augmentation which throws off the proportions of the face and will draw the eyes to the treated area automatically. Having that said the rest of the face and the untreated area will appear undervolumised, when in fact they really may not be, and thus an overemphasis outlook. The imbalance in volume would disrupt the natural proportions of the face and could provoke a false perception. Moreover when it comes to lip filler, the general take is that the lower lips should be more a bit larger than the upper to convey the natural beauty. Some might favour defining lips by outlining it only and some want larger lips as the “air in the tire” to have the fuller lips.


Also when face augmentation is performed in younger patients, it could convey an older heavy look where too much contouring would reverse the youthful heart triangle into a square or rectangular aged form.


Filler business is also flourishing to augment pouty lips, plump cheeks and the erect the chin, and after all it’s considered as a sculpting process. Filler gone in explosive growth manner and all want to inflate and augment and Botox, it creates more youthful, attractive, and harmonious facial appearance.


Furthermore, girls love lips filler which can give different forms including the bulk. After all lips are meant to be sensual thing in the face and considered to be an attractive beauty for any gorgeous face.


All advertise for love face and the different looks they can make and to have ‘the must have list’, a temptation to be done and irresistible.


Everyone wants to care about the self to look good and acceptable to everyone. Men now become competitive to women in the aesthetic work, a new phenomenon surfaced on vigorously. However we have to be careful when it comes to men faces as it differs from women completely.


Men faces are longer with sharp corners and their forehead for instance are flat, oblique with prominent supra-orbital ridge and their eye balls are straight, unshaped, thick and lower or below the supra-orbital ridge. Their actual eyes are usually small or petite, less oval and more rectangular, and look deeper due to their lower eyeballs and supra-orbital ridges. Men eyebrows are straight and low set without defined or curved shapes. Men nose are angular, bigger, longer and thicker with sharp edge than women. Their nasal roots are narrower with narrow naso-labial angle at right angle (90).


When it comes to men cheekbones and cheeks, its actually angular, flat laterally, concave mid and lower cheek with no forward projection as to their counterparts; women. Men months and lips are wider, fuller laterally, and less defined with no cupid bow, with small naso-labial angle. Men chin and jaw tend to be strong and square in shape with broader and sharper line.


Thus men face sculpturing and rejuvenation should aim to keep it flat and under corrected, and should avoid creating round contour, soft shadows with convex surfaces. Moreover avoid giving Botox and filler to raise men lateral eyebrows, avoid over emphasizing their cheekbones with rounded projection forward. Also avoid filler to men lips which would give big, pouty and puffy lips which is unacceptable in men, and finally avoiding too much of everything to not feminize men. And the story for women is a different one where curved and emphasis is a must to define and emphasis femininity.


These kinds of enhancements become acceptable and almost anticipated if done in natural enhanced way and the projected results were given to the clients properly. In fact, augmented reality can change everything. All are trying to recapture the youth by all means. It is after all mostly psychological undertaking to boost the self esteem and confidence. Moreover, those men who are marrying again want to a turning point in life to look younger and getting around the change happened which would boost their confidence to move to the next level.


Another cosmetic that many obsessed about is having the white radiant skin. From what I witness that the darker skin traits always wanting it. Also teenage girls are obsessed by the white glowing radiant skin and willing to have it by whatever it takes to have that white glow skin. It is all as a heath retreat.


However the business of cosmetic, all might look as something was done, but the general take is ‘no one said anything’. No one would admit especially when the age go beyond fifty where secrecy go a lot and onwards. Moreover men don’t want to admit having such procedures despite the fact men do care about cosmetic as women do, but men take it as a feminine thing and should not be revealed no matter what.


Some do want a quick subtle fix to not show off as something was done and some want a major augment. Men are joining on this lately and some as well do their brows and hairs, especially those who might feel bolding is crawling in; they panic and want to have anything done to keep the hair on as self image and the sense of feeling good. Some men as well want to laser their hair and aim for a silky hairless skin.


The issue now is that the new younger generation is more exposed to the open widely technology now and wants to try out to keep in good look and feeling happy.


Now scientists are worrying about such cosmetic which would cause ‘body dysmorphia’, where women are constantly seeking for more and more procedures and won’t stop at any level to look perfect.


The ultimate aim is not to overuse and just aim to have a subtle favorable improved look. Its in fact a combination between aesthetic and cosmetic reasoning to stay proactive.


I myself love learning always as there is no limit to the sky, and I love helping people look good and feel great which would boost the self confidence. I love to learn more about skin health, skin care and health, all of which would impact and make a difference.  A woman skin is like her ‘business card’ or as the say in Libya, ‘the face of the acceptance’, it shows up to the world first and we have to lookafter it.


We can’t deny the fact that medicine is always changing at fast speed, and its revolutionary and we should be ready for it at all levels to keep on track with its updates and new discoveries and not to be lagging behind. It is in other words as an adoption to survive with its fast changes and swift modification. In fact, what was valid before won’t be applied now and what is applicable now won’t be functional later on and the cycle keeps on going and won’t stay still.


The ideal beauty is hard to define, and each is appreciated differently depending on many factors and the perception by the self and the others. Even defining beauty had varied across the years.


Attraction and beauty are different in their actual definitions. Some see it on the wide eyes, and full lips and other see it differently. A perfect face can be constructed by some mathematical calculations and divisions, however that have been said, not applied precisely in real life sometimes. Attraction even in those people who are maybe unhappy is self-centered act to be more engaged and probably content, whereas beauty can be defined as ideal face goodness.


Some had debated the beauty in different degrees smiling, it could starts up with 2-5 where by an expression of smile you can go viral to make another group smiling at the same time, and making the surrounding happy and pleased. So always feel happy from within and grateful for everything you have and the quality of people around you, then you can send more positive vibes to the universe for attracting more of what you have and lift up the spirit.


Aesthetic helps in another word abolishing those anger expressions, so the patient cannot frown anymore for a considerable period of time and thus merely having a cheerful face or expressionless face with a different pleasant mood. Thus, it has a rising up self-esteem effect.


I am inborn artistic as I do drawing as a hobby since I was young and I believe tasting beauty and performing it would help to achieve the desired subtle changes to enhance beauty in an acceptable and a comforting manner. I dislike extreme changes which would imply and reflect negatively and would just create an alien.


A person per se is a piece of art, a statuette, a sculpture, and herein we are creating a beauty which would create a blink effect. We have to gaze at each person facial appearance objectively.


The face should have divine measures, and we have to stare for artist for each client faces, as in fact Patients are remarkably critique due to numerous brands across the market.


Aesthetics is a wonderful voyage when you see your patients are pleased, content and happy about the results. It’s a life-long path of continuous learning, as always new techniques are new procedures are emerging.


Webinars now are considered as virtual platforms in aesthetic to compare and share ideas, techniques, and learn more about new and revolutionary technologies that are evolving in the cosmetic landscape around the world.


I developed passion about aesthetic dermatology and want to learn the art and master the skills of it to tailor it accordingly. It’s about bringing and delivering harmonious beautification and not excessively over done procedures with satisfying aesthetic outcomes which will confidently impact your patients’ lives.  


I personally want to create a pleasing reflection when my patients look into a mirror and see their face. Which would give them internal empowerment and impact people lives positively, where it create a state of self secure. I am always eager to learn more and more.


Nowadays the cosmetic industry is expanding and flourishing with all sorts of exquisiteness. It is about the outcome actually to be feeling beautiful and good about the self and not to look beautiful really.


So in short aesthetic can make up our mood and improve our quality of life for a better life leading. To conclude up: aesthetic is to improve mind, soul and mood to feel beautiful and not to look beautiful; it is a message of self-empowerment and self-satisfaction and not a vanity.


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